Friday, February 01, 2008

Wine Pairing

I had to help my friend L with more research and proofing for her social term paper so I headed over mid-afternoon on my day off, after my requisite dose of Days of our Lives, 3 hours of true crime drama, yoga and the gym.

We had a hard time picking up where we left off and decided that the easiest way to concentrate would be to get some food first, so we swung by the Save On near school, and picked up some cheap ice cream and even cheaper Indian food.

Her paper's going pretty well, and I honestly don't really think she needs that much help from me, but we haven't seem each other in awhile so when she facebook-messaged me, I jumped at the chance.

Somehow cheap food turned into an invitation for her boyfriend and his friend F, the South African, so they joined in on the fun. We ended up getting some wine (a box actually) and making dinner, followed by an impromptu, games night (Trivial Pursuit anyone?). I'm pretty competitive normally, and downright dogged in my determination when alcohol is involved. I'm almost certain we didn't actually finish the game, instead L and her boyfriend conceded defeat when they wear three pie slices behind.

It was very double date-like, but not really awkward because I'm pretty much over the dating thing right now, and only realized this in hindsight. I don't remember initially thinking that The South African was that memorable and I couldn't really get a good look at him because every time I looked over he seemed to meet my gaze, which was annoying to say the least.

I had a good time at least, with bit of a hangover the next morning as a pleasant reminder of the evening.

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