Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I had this big, beautiful post written about my newfound vow of celibacy, but I just didn't like the way it came out and blogger wouldn't publish. I took it as a sign and ditched the whole thing (3 times!). I just couldn't find the right words to vocalize how I was feeling - fittingly I suppose, since I'm not quite sure about the decision.

Not content to take things at face-value, The Pansy is convinced I'll renounce my vows once a worthy suitor presents himself (ahem, RR) but I don't think I'm that fickle. Obviously I still have a few details to work out (most notably how long this period of abstinence will last) but I've got nothing but time on my hands...

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Valley Girl said...

Celibacy? Brave girl! Yeah, blogger was giving me problems this morning, too.