Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Round Two

I wasn't so much hungover on Sunday as I was tired from staying up all night reigning in the rowdies and babysitting/playing confidante to The Air Hostess' drunken insecurities. RR was chainsmoking up a storm and getting increasingly desperate to get home so we eventually hijacked a cab home from these other lushes on the strip.

The cab ride home flew by because I'm pretty sure RR and I were arguing quite animatedly the whole way home, we walked to his hotel and stopped to chat for a bit and he hugged me for a really long time and high-fived me again (what is with dude and high-fiving?).

I had left my jacket at work so I ended up just wearing RR's sweater in to work the next day and changed once I got there, praying that no one would mention that it looked strikingly similar to the one RR was rocking on Wednesday. Work the next day was arguably one of the longest days I've had to work in a long time and couldn't just go home after because I had to go out to dinner after work so I had half an hour to get ready and pick an outfit that everyone hadn't already seen me in in weeks prior.

Dinner was amazing, as usual, and we made plans to go out afterwards. RR texted me at dinner (he was there too just across the room) and asked what we were up to (The Pansy is convinced that he likes me, but I disagree) and I told him that we were going out but he was welcome to join us. He had already made plans with his friends and said that we might meet up later (his texts contained a lot of exclamation points, is that weird?).

In the end I didn't end up seeing him or notice my phone ringing when he called me later because I was hammered. Drink after drink, after drink was being provided by my boss' part-time ladyfriend. I actually managed to sleep in the next morning but I was too hungover to function so I skipped out on going to Holt's because I just wasn't up to the task.


Jenn of the Jungle said...

You still having fun over here huh. Love the stories.

Erik said...

Enjoying your blog. Hope to see your skate shop some day. I was a mascot for the girl's Rollerderby in Texas for about 6 seasons. Just retired last season:( If it weren't for this darn penis, I'd be a Rollergirl!

Anonymous said...

ahhh, nothing like the joys of
functional alcoholism.

glad that you had a decent weekend.
sorry about the migraine!