Monday, September 17, 2007

Vegas Style

Saturday night was kind of a bust. It started out kinda badly, I was closing, but we got to close up shop early, so bonus. Then I was supposed to meet my friends but their cab was extremely late so I ended up waiting by myself with only Bejeweled to entertain me for a little over an hour biding my time without alcohol, because The Pansy had agreed to pick some up for me on the way back.

By the time they got there I literally had no time because we allegedly had to get in before 10:30 for our VIP deals, etc. I ended up having to drop my booze (unopened) and purse off at the store, but it was being cashed out so I had to get someone to let me in as I fumbled for my keys that I thought I lost (they were in my pocket). We made our way across the mall to the bar and then I couldn't get in because I hadn't brought any cash (I only carry plastic to the bar) and they wanted me to check my coat. I peaced and made it back to the store, to drop off my coat and pick up my purse praying to God that no one caught me and thankful for the lack of cameras.

I booked it back to the bar after taking a couple rather large gulps of my gin and a minor meltdown when the door wouldn't lock. I got in to the newly renovated club (basically just looked the same with a few extra touches, nice but nothing to write home about).

We all looked at each other as if to say "You've got to be fucking kidding me right?" and tried to guess how long we'd last there. The answer was not long, and The Pansy and I caught a ride downtown with one of our coworkers and met up with the reps at bar #2, we didn't fare much better there though but RR shoved a twenty in my pocket for drinks (thanks!) and I ran into an old friend.

The boys got hot and bored pretty quickly and we made it across the river with ample time before last call and ran into a co-worker, The Air Hostess, who was sloshed (the female contingent of our group was mostly sober at this point) and had her sights set on some guy but she hadn't broken up with her boyfriend yet and was conflicted/spent half the night talking off my ear, while RR took up the rest of my time.

I secretly hoped both of them would just shut up since I had felt beginnings of a migraine coming on on my way downtown, I ended up excusing myself to the washroom, only to find the room spinning and myself heaving into the bowl (from the migraine, I had been sipping water all night long) and I composed myself and took a couple of deep breaths before I rejoined the group.

At some point in the night RR had offered me his sweater because I complained about being cold, but I was suddenly too hot and was relegated to carting it around under my arm with my huge bag that somehow couldn't contain his (now mine) massive sweater.

Last call came and went, and we had to figure out a ride home because The Pansy had ditched to go hookup, so RR, The Air Hostess, and I eventually headed out onto the street to hail a cab. As we were leaving the bar RR came up to me and high-fived me for something (the details of which I don't quite recall) and it turned into a little hand-holding moment that was intruded on by a big group hug from The Air Hostess who was pissed because we were ignoring her and kept yelling at us from the middle of the street.

We caught a cab a half hour later after many aborted attempts and RR and I peace from the cab once we got downtown again and walked home (he to his hotel, and myself to my apartment) together.

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