Monday, August 27, 2007

Can We Just Work it Out?

Because my roommate is socially undeveloped,, sometimes she finds it hard to function in normal relationships where there is expected to be some give and take. I couldn't find my iPod's charging cable last night so I just borrowed hers. She wasn't home, so I figured I'd be finished with it before she got home on the off chance that we'd both need to use it.

It's around 10 pm and I'm seriously considering turning in because I'm really wiped out for some reason so I retire to my room to grab my toothbrush/cell phone charger. I heard my roommate come in, stomp around for a bit and then nothing so I go out to see what's up. She turns the corner and angrily storms past me whilst clutching the white cable in question. As we pass she growls "I need this!" as she shakes the little cable in my face and slams the door to the computer room.

I wanted to storm in there and explain to her that the only situation in which she would be justified to display that much anger is if she caught me fucking her boyfriend (not my style, read: he's ugly). I thought it out and realized the confrontation just wasn't worth is and busied myself with finding my cable

I finally found it in my sock drawer (of course!) and plugged it in then went to bed. I normally charge my iPod on the dining room table because the light from the computer keeps me up at night, and I woke up this morning to discover that she had gone out of her way to put my computer to sleep (spite perhaps?) thus curtailing my iPod charging adventures.


riese said...

I swear, the fights that have erupted between roommates regarding borrowed ipod chargers could probably be like, their own website. It's funny how it's such a ubiquitous thing. Just wait til she can't find hers, she is going to be on her knees at your door.

Just Sayin' said...

Why is it that whenever something is lost... It always ends up in the sock drawer???

It's one of those mysteries of life!

team gingerbread said...

The funniest part of the story. Two days later she just up and borrowed my mini usb cable without asking - the audacity (obviously kidding, I don't care)