Monday, July 09, 2007

Classified Information

The night started off with a bang, with a mini fashion show at our store before we closed (3+ outfits nixed in under 5 minutes) and our expert makeup application in the backseat of the cab while the cabbie looked on, incredulous. We got to The Pansy's in record time and as we pulled up she called to see when we were coming over.

It was obscenely hot inside her (uncharacteristically clean!) apartment, so we temporarily moved the girlie contingent of the party outside to some quick and dirty sex-chat on the balcony followed by some rather uncalled for, but still hilarious, cat calling from The Barstar's lovely roommate.

There was a guestlist mixup at the door that resulted in the door girl cursing our boss and threatening to get up in his face about it the next morning, so we apologized for the inconvenience and thanked her for letting us in.

Because, seemingly, we are unable to turn down a free show we went to the Classified show at the Starlite. It was actually one of the best shows Iv'e had to chance to catch so far this year, nevermind the fact that by the end of the night we were so drunk that we barely even noticed that most of the populace had vacated the bar. The Pansy left early, but The Bar Star, her roomie and I made up for it by being the drunkest ones there - moving the party to the pizza parlour next door after hours, only stopping to make suggestive comments to passersby who kept nicking our cabs.

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