Saturday, June 30, 2007

June: A Month in Review

1. Ryvita & Cheese - mmm!

2. I need a new computer, but first I need to reign in my spending, hence the budgeting software courtesy of Lifehacker.

3. I'm so over relationship drama - easier to say when said drama is moving 3 provinces away, hmm...

4. Yes, I do have to be so negative all the time

5. At least I'm not the only one who feels those phantom phone rings. I like that better than 'I'm crazy' too.

6. Turns out the best way to unwind after a 12-hour shift o a Saturday is to have to take the bus with a pack of drunk kids who seem intent on disturbing the peace - oh wait, no it isn't.

7. I used to be saddened, now I just don't care. This is just fuel for the fire.

8. Shitty day/week/month - period.

9. I don't really enjoy being told how I feel, by someone who has no idea how I feel about the situation

10. Still waiting - still stressed the fuck out

11. This month has flown by entirely too quickly

12. Seems we're not the only ones obsessed with 'numbers'

13. June is officially the month of billing disputes - fun!

14. ...and new watches.

[I] Spit Hot Fire (Quotables)

He was such a baller, until his card was declined. He's your husband, all decked out and shiny

Have you met the new guy [redacted]?
He's milano
What? Did you mean 'mulatto'?
Yeah I guess, what's 'milano' then?
That would be a cookie


S* said...

Me too on the phantom phone vibrations. Glad I'm not alone.

FYI, mulatto is an offensive term. It has the same word root as "mule", which is, as you know, the sterile offspring of a horse and a donkey. Does the word not bother you?

team gingerbread said...

s* - I was definitely on the fence as to whether or not to include that quote/story.

I don't personally find it terribly offensive (entirely depending on the context) nor do most of my mixed-race friends, but I can see why people do.

I think everyone has their hot buttons, but that's not one of mine

S* said...

Do you think it's different because you're in Canada i.e. the country doesn't have the racially charged history that America does?

team gingerbread said...

s* - Yeah, I definitely think that's part of it... It probably has a little to do with the way I was raised too. My parents are both white, because I was adopted, so I definitely have an aberrant view of race relations