Friday, June 29, 2007


As previously theorized, it rained last night. I never actually check the weather forecast anymore because it barely affects me - when you spend 3/4 or your day in a climate-controlled environment, you kinda just stop caring.

Another day, another show, same shit different performer basically. A good time was had - some were a smidge more inebriated than others, though I'm not pointing any fingers (Big Al). I quickly realized that wearing your lowest rise underwear paired with your lowest rise pants is at best, a recipe for disaster, and looked like a tool all night whilst doing this awkward shimmy - maneuvering my pants upwards with keeping my drinks upright isn't as easy as it sounds.

All I really want right now is McDonald's breakfast but I can't find my new bank cards which doesn't bode well for the evening since we're supposed to be going out for sushi before hitting up a house party.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.
i hope you had a good weekend
girlie! i thought of you as i slammed tequilla shots last night!
ha ha ha