Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Truth Hurts

So I'm chatting with an unnamed friend and she's all like "What you don't blog anymore?". Having had this conversation on Saturday night, I was super defensive and was just like "Pssh. I posted like 2 days ago. You don't know me" and the like and then I realized it was true.

I'd love to pretend that I was doing something super duper exciting and thus had absolutely no time to blog, but that is not the case. I had a failed sleepover, am currently avoiding The Engineer (according to him, way to make things awkward, thanks) and contemplating essay topics for my women's history class.

I've become increasingly indifferent/lazy due to my impending graduation, and am sorta contemplating just buying more socks/underwear tomorrow so that I can avoid doing laundry for another week or two (somehow my laundry pile is mostly socks and underwear, weird)

My mood has been consistently foul for the past couple of weeks , perplexing to say the least most likely because I've been eating absolute garbage lately.

Maybe another pair of shoes would make me feel better?


Two Drink Girl said...

More shoes always make me feel better.

Hey, I came by here while doing the blogmad thing. Isn't that funny?

pamela said...

yes the buy new- avoid laundry is an excellent technique if you can afford it.

shirley said...

Shoes, yes mmm... shoes! I just bought 2 pairs of new Camper boots, and I've haven't stopped being happy since. :)

Anonymous said...

i understand. i can't seem to write for shit lately. :[
here's to us both!
(and if you're buying shoes, i'm a size 7.5 tee hee.)

team gingerbread said...

tdg - me too, I think it's a girl thing.

pamela - yeah for now it'll have to do, because I just don't have the energy

shirley - what are camper boots?

heather - good to know, I'll definitely keep that in mind, lol

S* said...

I've done the buy new underwear things many times. But it's probably cheaper to do the "drop your laundry off and let them do it" route.

Oh, and I'm all for shoe therapy!

Riss said...

Eh, it happens. I went through a period when I was posting about once every week and a half.

And YES to the shoes!

team gingerbread said...

s* - I just feel so guilty when someone else does my laundry for me. It used to bug me when my cleaning lady did my laundry when I lived at home

riss - I know, it's go on the shoes I think.