Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Seeing Red

and no this is not a mushy Valentine's Day post because for some reason I hate all holidays (illegitimate or not).

This girl was trying on shoes at work today and refused to even accept the fact that despite the fact that she normally takes an 8, a 7.5 might just fit her as all shoes fit differently, from brand to brand and within brands from one style to another.

Since she's an expert on skate shoes (she was wearing running shoes, so...) I got kinda annoyed that she wouldn't get past a tiny little number (I, for one, would kill to have a smaller shoe size) and angrily put the shoes away as she left, while griping to a coworker about it.

"Argh! I just want to use [her] eyes as ashtrays. I hate people like that!" came her embittered response.

Sadly I too feel uncontrollable rage when customers (and friends alike, The Goth Girl can attest to this) refuse to try different sizes.

I was in a bad mood already, probably because I got no sleep the night before because I was at work until almost 4 am helping our guys store move (they're doing renos and had to move all their shit to a temporary location. The Gentle Giant had the genius idea of scheduling a staff meeting as a ruse to get as many people as possible to show up to help the move go quicker) but it just got worse as the day progressed and as I listened to what seemed like a million voice mail messages from The Engineer something pushed me over the edge.

As soon as The Pansy and I finished watching The Hills, I jetted because I could feel the all-consuming rage coming and she didn't need to be in th warpath. When I'm angry, I need to be alone to seethe or else I just end up dragging someone else down with me, that's just how I roll. Naturally, I called The Engineer because another thing I like to do when I'm angry is see how angry I can make other people - selfish, yes, but it makes me feel better. Somehow I got roped into a late night movie screening so I'm off to watch ...As If! (a snowboarding film, it's a link to the teaser)/catch up on episodes of Ugly Betty with The Engineer, little does he know that we're probably going to get into a huge fight because I'm also quite argumentative when I'm angry.

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