Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Straight Up Gangsta

Team Gingerbread: I'm wearing my bandana today
The Engineer: That's cute
Team Gingerbread: It's not cute, it's thuggin'
The Engineer: Right
Team Gingerbread: You're just jealous because I'm a baller
The Engineer: (muffled by uncontrollable laughter)

This comment thread on a Nike shoe forum almost made me pee my pants. (Was that an overshare? You're welcome.)

It's like God is talking to me in ebonics.

"dem is straight but not all dat u know well they cant affort dem so stop leaving dem comments on how much dey cost cuz if you wuz BALLIN you wouldent worry WE EATIN KIDS" - wewe

1 comment:

S* said...


RIP the English Language.

And you know 75% of those kids are just affecting that nonsensical language.