Thursday, February 08, 2007

I'm no doctor but...

Team Gingerbread: Yeah I get an STD test every 3 months
Clap-having Jezebel: Really?
Team Gingerbread: Yeah, I try to. Well I haven't gotten one since the summer but I'm not really entertaining anyone new anymore
Clap-having Jezebel: I got something once
Team Gingerbread: Oooh, was it the clap?
Clap-having Jezebel: (Sidestepping someone on the sidewalk) Can we talk about this later?
Clap-having Jezebel: Sorry, that was just my neighbour...
Team Gingerbread: So the clap?
Clap-having Jezebel: Uh no, I had something else...
Team Gingerbread: Oh nevermind then I don't want to know
(seconds later)
Team Gingerbread: Ok I've gotta know, what was it?
Clap-having Jezebel: (quietly) Gonorrhea
Team Gingerbread: That's the clap dude! I am so blogging this
Clap-having Jezebel: Are you sure, I thought the clap was Chlamydia
Team Gingerbread: Oh maybe it is, I'll look it up when I get home


shirley said...

But when you entertain someone new, don't you get applause? That's much better than the clap.


team gingerbread said...

Yeah you definitely should. Can we get a motion passed?

Ben said...

I'm not sure which movie quote I want to throw at you first:

Kid: "Wow! Avoid the clap, signed Jimmy Dugan! Thanks Jimmy!"

Jimmy: (yells, as the kid runs off) "THAT'S GOOD ADVICE!"

-A League of Their Own

or this little gem from The Ladies Man:

"I don't care if you are a doctor or whatever...chlamydia is a soup. I've seen it on the grocery shelves!"

-Leon Phelps

team gingerbread said...

ben - I'm digging the Leon Phelps reference