Monday, January 08, 2007

The Farewell Party

"Hey! I thought you were having a danceoff? One more person needs to dance..."

Saturday was The Archaeologist's last day so we had planned on going out and 'getting gnarly' as they say. The Pansy and I were opening while AirQuote/TA were closing so we left to grab food and pregame - brought to you by the gin left over from New Year's - a bit before rejoining them. We picked up two six-packs of Black Label at his behest and planned on shotgunning them in the parking lot/alleys on the way to the bar.

We ended up in the south-east corner of the city at his parent's house to drop off his car and pick up more beer and solidify the plans. His mom kindly offered to drive us to the bus terminal/bank machine and as we stood patiently at the bus stop, casually sipping beer we argued amongst ourselves about whether or not the bus we were taking would take us where we needed to go.

The bus finally arrived a couple of beers later and we were off. We ran into a girl who used to work at a store down the hall and invited her and her gentleman friend to join us at the bar. We got off the bus early (both to pee and drink in an alley - all for you Eric!) and after many a burn an emotional group hugs we finished all of our beer and headed over to the bar.

The line was crazy long, and The Archaeologist was supposed to pull some strings too get us in, but to no avail, so we ended up cabbing it downtown, then changing our minds and kidnapping The Gentle Giant first, then heading downtown to chill at The Pansy's place and order in booze and pizza.

The Gentle Giant left early (probably around 3) and it turned into a giant relationship brodown and The Pansy revealing to TA what exactly went down between herself and The Gentle Giant and AirQuote chatted with him about what exactly went down with 'The Boy With Gold In His Hair' (nothing, he's super religious). TA and AirQuote managed to squeeze in some cuddle time (which she subsequently vehemently denied) and they eventually possed out because she had to work early the next morning.

All in all, we've all pretty much decided that we're going to miss TA a lot more than we ever imagined possible and that this can't be the last time we all hang.

Higlights include (but are not limited to):

  • The Archaeologist using The Pansy's Christmas tree as a phone
  • 'Pinot Grigio - yes that is a wine'
  • The Archaeologist toting The Pansy's suitcase around the living room
  • 'This is the most suburban neighbourhood ever. Instead of condoms or syringes at the bus stop there's the cap from a Sunrype [tetra pak] on the ground!'


Eric said...

Ya know.. when I read the first line the first thing I thought was.. "I bet I get a shoutout for some alley action"


Eric said...

Oh did you guys look like this? (Not exactly work safe)

Eric said...

Ok I swear I'm going to wait to read the whole thing next time before I start posting again.

Hell yeah Pinot Grigio/Gris is a wine, in fact its the only white wine I like.

Ok.. wait.. I actually didn't finish the post yet...

OK GOOD, got nothing else.

team gingerbread said...

eric - yeah, I thought of you while doing it, but not in a creepy way. I'd like to think I looked better and have more style when I was doing it. We picked pinot because bad white is so much better than bad red.

Eric said...

So true... but I love me a good red.. I stick mainly to Australian wines now and Shiraz.

Btw.. I swear that wasnt me drunk posting.

team gingerbread said...

No I'll just chalk it up to you being trigger happy. Hopefully that doesn't apply to the bedroom as well (cheap shot I know!)