Saturday, January 27, 2007

Engaged, really?

One of our friends got a ring (promise, not engagement) from the boyfriend, because we're all incredibly mature, this is the conversation that followed:

The Goth Girl: Alright, let me have it. I want to hear what you've got to say about this so we can get it over with
Team Gingerbread: I just don't understand how you think you're ready to get married if you don't even know your shoe size...
The Pansy: Oooh, burn (makes the fist pound motion)
Team Gingerbread: But seriously, do you want to marry him?
The Goth Girl: It's not an engagement ring, it's a promise ring...
The Pansy: But it was from the engagement ring section
Team gingerbread: I just don't understand why you need a ring to remind you that you're in a relationship
Team Gingerbread: I have a funny story about promise rings...The punchline was "Do you know what a promise ring means Anne? It means you don't fuck other people!" Oh the joys of eavesdropping in rez

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