Saturday, December 23, 2006

On tacky accessories

Team Gingerbread: Oh, hey. I left my cell at your house.
The Engineer: Where did you leave it? I'll go look.
Team Gingerbread: Uh not sure, it's either in your room or on the couch. I think it fell out of my pocket yesterday. It's got the bright green cell phone charm on it, remember?
The Engineer: How could I forget?
Team Gingerbread: Because it's so cute?
The Engineer: No, that's not quite the word I was thinking of
Team Gingerbread: You love it, don't lie. I'm getting you one for Christmas, just you wait
The Engineer: So we can be tacky together? Cute.

I think it would be cute, so much so that I might just attach a cell phone charm to his phone before he leaves (for Christmas/New Year's) as a parting gift. As I've always said, nothing says 'I love you' like Winnie the Pooh dressed up as a horse.


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mike said...

Doesn't every horse have a winnie?

Eric said...

So its "I love you" now?

team gingerbread said...

eric - well, we're not quite there yet (and by we, I mean me)