Friday, December 22, 2006


Yesterday, we celebrated the return of the pomegranate juice blends at Starbucks, because we have no lives.

I'm half a Volvo shy of living in the suburbs.

I also managed to reveal that I had a pseudo-boyfriend (The Archaeologist's terminology, not mine) to my stepmom, who then informed me that she already knew.

"Is this the same boy with whom you were 'studying' (air quotes implied) with at 8 am that one morning?"

"Uh, yeah."

"Yeah, I've been a parent longer than you've been a bad liar"


Logical Philosopher said...

"I've been a parent longer than you've been a bad liar"

I am sooo going to store that one away for future use... Oh wait, I think I can probably use it tomorrow when my 4 year old tells me he didn't eat the chocolate, yet his hands and face are a mess of sticky brown sugar...

Heather said...

ha ha ha ha. that is good.
merry christmas darlin'! ♥

Charm School Reject said...

One point for the stepmom.

Cat said...

I'm with logical philosopher and I'm storing this for use...I probably won't have to store it for long with a 9 and 14 year old. :)

Maritza said...

I haven't quite developed those scary mommy super powers and frankly, now that OG is in college, I don't want to!

Two Drink Girl said...

I'm always petrified that my Mom knows about stuff that I did already!

team gingerbread said...

lp/cat - glad she can be of service

heather/csr/tdg - yeah thankfully it's just my stepmom, so she just laughs it off. And I haven't lived at home for 5 years so it's not like it was completely unexpected

maritza - she's not totally psychic. He answered my cell once when I was over there early in the morning and he kept making me laugh the last time I talked to my dad, but I didn't feel like explaining it all that morning so I just lied and said I was studying.