Sunday, October 29, 2006

Team [Whipsmart]

Apparently, according to The Archaeologist and [redacted], I can sass (aka. take down a peg) pretty much anyone, anytime with amazing accuracy and comedic timing.

I of course take this to be quite the compliment and am also flattered that TA and [redacted] spend so much of their free time thinking about me.

I think this only came up because TA has decided to grow out his mustache in order to perfect his Hallowe'en costume, and some of my coworkers were excited to see/hear my violent reaction to his new 'perv-stache'.

I delivered, and in the process, TA tried to make fun of me for calling [redacted] 3 times over the course of one night. I quickly put him in his place and replied that I had not, in fact, called 3 times as he had alleged, but texted twice and called once (and I only called to let them know that we weren't waiting for them anymore because we were drunk and bored, so we were heading to the bar).

Then I made him feel bad for ditching out, and threatened to cut him off socially, I feel like a queen bee.

My mother would be proud.


TerraPraeta said...

Sass is definately an art form.

Among my friends and family, I have always felt like the weak link... but in meeting new people, I find that I'm really relatively sharp compared to most.... I don't know what that means, but what the heck ;-)

Thanks for your suggestions on my blog update!


team gingerbread said...

terra - lol