Friday, September 29, 2006

team gingerbread hearts alexisonfire

So I found out last night at the product knowledge staff meeting at work that me and a bunch of the girls might get VIP tickets to go see the Alexisonfire show next week.

I'm so unbelievably stoked, that words cannot even effectively express my joy.

Happy Friday everyone


Maritza said...

Ok, I'm listening to their music. They are screaming and I am scared. They have stopped their screaming and now they have started again and I'm scared again.

...or maybe I'm just old and shit.

Maritza said...

I forgot. Have a great great time!!

team gingerbread said...

No, there's definitely some (ok, a lot) of screaming, but Dallas Green's vocals (he does all the the melodic, and non-screamo ones) are amazing.

I've seen them once before and they put on an incredible show.

It's definitely an acquired taste though, and I can't really see a lot of parents rocking out to these tunes either

Maritza said...

Oh no! I am officially a "parental" type! Listen young lady, back in the day I used to listen to lots of screaming! You kids don't know screaming. We were the original screamers and I have the hearing aids to prove it!

Moshing? Slam dancing? We invented it! Punk? That was us. Or, at least those of us who were cool.

Yeah, I guess I'm a parent and I like the harmonic parts and not the screaming. Who am I trying to kid?

did I ever tell you I was a skateboarder too?

nicole said...

It's a good thing I don't know exactly who they are. Guess I should click on the link, huh? ;)

will said...

these guys are quite good and they have definitely gotten much better than the first time i heard them...i just reviewed their new album.