Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Girls will be girls...

...and we do like to gossip.

So, the girls I work with and I have taken great pleasure in openly mocking one of our coworkers who fancies one of the lads that works over in the guys shop. There really isn't a day that goes by without someone mentioning her crush.

It's kind of a become our own little inside joke, although it's gotten to the point where we're convinced that the guys at the other shop know because one of our girls mistakenly spilled the beans and, well, guys talk too, so...

It was all in good fun, until the tables turned.

Last weekend, The Christitute and I, along with a couple of my coworkers gussied ourselves up and hit up an 'end of trade show'-week bash at a west-end bar that my skate shop boss also owns

We were having a good time while keeping an eye on the clock because we wanted to make sure we'd be able to catch the last bus home, thus avoiding a rather hefty cab fare.

The clock struck twelve, and we started to head home, except that there were a couple of songs we wanted to dance to, I had to go to the washroom, and some of the cute boys that work at the urban-wear store down the hall had just bought us a round of drinks. Pleasantries had to be exchanged, and goodbye hugs followed - long story short, we just missed the last bus to the university area.

TC managed to finagle us a ride home with her sometime makeout buddy - problem solved.

The following Sunday we re-hashed the night over lukewarm McDonald's breakfasts and the like and the end of the night hug that I had slyly glossed over came up, and when prodded, I apparently blushed. Later in the day, he was walknig by the store, saw that I was working, and waved, thus inspiring a wave of "aww's" and mocking sighs from my work friends.

Thus my urban-wear boyfriend was born. So now, any time that I make fun of my coworker about her company crush, she can come back at me with fresh ammo.

Boo, I long for the days when the taunting was one-sided.


Maritza said...

That's kinda cute!

nicole said...

Don't even sweat it. The nature of work life is such that eventually you'll find something to taunt them about all over again. ;)

Eric said...


Crushes suck man, sooner or later you find out why they are called "crushes"

Eric said...


but yeah.. you gots tah be able tah take what you dish out!!