Friday, August 25, 2006

Passive Aggressive Memos 2.0

I work with a girl that I've not so nicely nicknamed 'The Egg' because that's her body type, unfortunate no?

There's a very good reason that it took you so long to find that 'perfect pair' of white pants: people with your body type really shouldn't be able to wear nearly see-through white capris to work (or ever for that matter). I'm all for loving you body blah blah blah, but I shouldn't be subjected to my own private gynecological exam whenever you wear them to work.

Stop complaining about the music at work. If you don't like what we're playing bring something in from home that's work appropriate, or else shut up about it. And yes, I know, you brought in 6 hours of euro trance the other day, but I vetoed that because it was driving me nuts.

When you asked me if you could hang the sale pants differently and I told you 'no', I can understand how you interpreted that as "I'll just wait a couple of days, and do it myself!' I understood what you were asking me, and also understood that you intended to do all the work yourself, but that wasn't why I objected in the first place - I didn't see the point of you moving all the shoe boxes that are under the sale racks when you'll just have to put them back there on Friday when we get our huge fall shoe order.

Do realize that I will punish you by making you put everything back the way it used to be - that's just how I roll.

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