Saturday, August 26, 2006

It's not so much of a rant, as a diatribe

So I've finally figured out exactly what it is that bothers me so much about The Egg - she's quite possibly the most irrational person ever.

It's always bothered me when people make illogical decisions - a la Lauren on The Hills with the summer internship in Paris because my thought processes are quite logical and calculated (at least in my mind) and before I commit to a decision, no matter how insignificant, I try to weigh the eventual pros and potential cons, as well as determine the path of least resistance for achieving my goals.

The Egg, on the other hand, just seems to bumble about in a daze and complete tasks with no specific goal in mind and in no particular order.

Case in point: We got 40 cases (that's 12 boxes/pairs of shoes per case) of this one particular brand of skate shoe last night, and for the most part all the shoes have been kept up on the high shelves (I'm talking you need to use a ladder to get to the shoes here) out of customers' reach. But since we'd been selling shoes like crazy, 3/4 of the space normally devoted to this brand was sitting unused, and we had temporarily stored other shoes there, but as I was moving those shoes, I knew exactly where I would put them once we got more shoes in stock, and the placeholder shoes were kept in size and style order.

The Egg, took it upon herself to move this other brand of shoes that had been spread out over the store and separated by style, colour, and model because we sell a lot of them, and all the boxes look the same so it saves time, and condense them, but in no particular order - meaning that anytime that I want to sell a pair, it takes me 10 minutes to find the shoes I'm looking for, and we have a tiny store!

Some might describe me as anal, but I'm thinking more methodical and structured, and when I unpack boxees of new stock, I have a system. I only pull out one style of clothing at a time to price and security tag it.

Since it's hard to know exactly what is in the stock boxes without opening them, it's actually better suited as a job for one person as opposed to having The Egg swing by and sporadically dig through a box that you're trying to keep organized.

Our store is consistently less busy, and is way smaller than both our South store and the guys shop down the hall, so we often tag, and repackage their stuff too, which just adds to the confusion, so when I snap at you to get your hands out of the box, it's not because I hate you, but you're interrupting my creative process. If a piece of stock was to get lost, or damaged, I'd get blamed - so stuff it.

The Egg has taken to randomly removing the security tags on items that are in the queue to be sold, and spending what seems like hours folding them meticulously, which is a huge waste of time since I usually have to unfold them to find the price tag which is often tucked into the armpit of the garment. I also just have a system about ringing people through, so that's thrown out of whack too. While I understand that she's trying to be helpful, it doesn't save any time.

I wish I had the authority to tell her to step off, but my reign of terror as the interim manager has sadly come to a close.

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