Monday, August 28, 2006

The curse of the vampire

No, this isn't a story about hideous hickeys from a booze-fueled weekend, because I didn't drink, nor did I get any action this weekend. This is instead an abbreviated tale about The Unstable Roommate.

She's been known to lurk outside of my door posing me questions and generally invading my space. I've taken to being quite direct with her - after noting that it's the only way to discourage her (albeit temporarily, but beggars can't be choosers).

The Roadtrip Queen and The Christitute were sitting around and I stated that the only reason TUR hasn't actually crossed the threshold with me is that she's like a vampire in the sense that she won't actually come into your room until you extend an invitation (which I had yet to do) - except I had been cleaning/organizing my room in preparations for the impromptu house tours that always seem to crop up during sorority rush.

She came up the stairs as I was carrying trash out of the house, and I was in a good mood because my room was looking fantastic, so we exchanged pleasantries, and I resumed the conversation when I came back in and was getting cleaning supplies, traipsing in and out of my room - all the while she was following me like a child would...and thus the unspoken invitation was extended, much to my dismay.

Now she's free to come in and out of my room as she pleases. I'm anticipating stepping out of the shower, only to find her sitting in my room - so much for peace and quiet.

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