Friday, August 04, 2006

The panty raid

I wasn't planning on writing today because it's Friday and I'm lazy unmotivated, but K from A Yoga Coffee Outlook tagged me with her newfangled panty meme. Since I'm one of those 'never nude'-type people I'm simply posting a picture of underwear I want because I've been putting off underwear shopping for ages, mostly because I'm not really getting any on a regular basis, so I have zero reason to do so.

Personally, I hate the word 'panties' because it evokes something slightly paedophilic, and it creeps me out when guys use it to describe undergarments.

[k writes:]

Yes This is a Panty Meme.

Last month I mentioned that I was invited to join a panty exchange, AKA a panty chain letter. Today I sent out my pair and my six letters. I received several e-mails from bloggers wishing to join, but only had six letters to distribute. So instead of an actual panty chain letter, I thought a panty meme might be realistic. So here it is....

Welcome to the panty meme.

Here's how it works.

1. Copy the entire text of this post (the part shown in italics) and post in your blog. Reminder:Do not copy photos.

2. Add your name and link to the Panty Meme Participants list below.

3. Post a picture of panties. It's fun if you post a picture of your own panties, but it does not have to be. And BTW you don't need to be wearing them, but it's your blog you can do what you like.

4. Tag two people and change out the names below.

That's it. Have fun.

Panty Meme Participants.


Team Gingerbread


Tag you're it!

1. Nicole because sometimes she lives vicariously through me

2. Shirley because we'd probably be drinking buddies if we lived in the same city

Here are my panties

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