Saturday, August 19, 2006

Kitchen Party

Signs you drink too much: The new guy who works at the liquor store by your house goes to ID you on a Friday night, and the guy who's worked there since it opened 2 years ago, rushes over and tells him "It's ok, [I'm] a regular"

The Christitute lost her driver's licence last Sunday so her incessant going out has been temporarily curtailed rather fortuitously.

I got home last night, ready to do laundry and other exciting stuff that single college-aged gals do on a Friday night, and as I was heading to the grocery store, stopped by my roommate's (The Roadtrip Queen) room. Turns out our big brother fraternity was hosting a free kegger at their annex house.

There's really no better offer than being able to hang out with good friends and with beer flowing freely. TC was closing but I let her know the details, and since she can't go out until she has new ID, she was down for that. I purchased some booze for a little alley pre-gaming action, and we eventually sauntered in at around midnight, as the cops were breaking up the party (noise copmplaints).

We ended up staying pretty late, and headed home as the last of the party goers said their goodbyes. I had the munchies so we stopped by a convenience store where I purchased honey roasted cashews - kida strange since I despise honey and a diet Rockstar - also weird becasue I was planning on heading straight to bed when I got home.

Now it's midday on Saturday and I'm still in my pajamas, gatorade in hand, at home, where I fully intend to remain for the remainder of my day off.

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