Sunday, August 20, 2006

The day of reckoning

I made a bet with a guy who works at the guys shop (basically like our store but bigger, and they sell hardgoods in the summer as well as winter, while we just do girl specific ones in the winter). I open my big mouth and complained about the overall ugliness of our shoes in comparison to theirs, lamenting that we wouldn't be able to move any of the new Vans we got (they're not the slipons but the other shoes that Vans makes, which aren't nearly as popular with girls as they are with boys).

Words were exchanged, a freindly wager came up, and the loser buys lunch/dinner.

I've already picked out my victory meal (Opa! this Greek place that I'm head over hells in love with) and I have no plans on losing. I haven't really played dirty yet (although if it comes down to it I might just hide a pair in the back room), but I did enter the bet knowing full well that we had both a size 10 and 10.5 ladies, so I figure I might just win on a technicality; sizes 9.5, and 10 are hard enough to move as is, so I figured 10.5 would be even harder.

I hate losing.

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