Monday, August 07, 2006

The countdown

Nicked from Heather over at Singing With My Heart

9 Lasts...
1. Last place you were: At work for a staff meeting (on a long weekend, no less!)
2. Last drug used: Alcohol, last night
3. Last beverage: Pepsi
4. Last kiss: see this post
5. Last movie seen: I think the last time I saw one in the theatre, it was Hoodwinked, but I watched Going Greek with TC earlier this week
6. Last phone call: KR to talk about rush stuff
7. Last cd played: Alkaline Trio - Crimson
8. Last bubble bath: Months ago, probably around the same time I bought new bubble bath, and used it once
9. Last Time You Cried: Any time I watch Made or Intervention

8 Have You Evers...
1. Have you ever dated someone twice: No Yes (oops!)
2. Have you ever been cheated on: Not that I know of, but I'd prefer not to know
3. Have you ever kissed somebody and regretted it? Yes, and obviously alcohol was a factor
4. Have you ever fallen in love: Yes
5. Have you ever lost someone: Yes
6. Have you ever been depressed: No
7. Have you ever been out of the country: Yes
8. Have you ever been on TV: A couple of times, yes

7 States You've Been To...
1. California
2. Hawaii
3. Alaska
4. Florida
5. New Hampshire
6. New York
7. Texas

6 Things You've Done Today...
1. Got up early
2. Made rice
3. Read blogs
4. Took out the trash
5. Drank coffee
6. Went to work

5 Favorite Things...
1. WESC - it's a clothing line
2. My new Emerica slips
3. My new AL50's
4. Long weekends
5. Peonies

4 People You Can Tell Almost Anything...
1. Most of the girls in the sorority
2. Dave (the one from Ottawa)
3. Katherine
4. My cousin Tannis

3 Favorite Colors...
1. Blue
2. Purple
3. Pink (but only of the hot variety)

2 things you want to do before you die...
1. Run a marathon
2. Get a tattoo, but I'm a pansy, so it'll never happen

1 thing you regret...
1. I try not to do anything that I'll regret later. I stand by my actions for the most part