Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm not a meterologist and other painfully obvious observations

I really don't quite understand why you feel the need to ask me "Is it going to rain today?" when it's obvious that I've a) just woken up and am still in pajamas, and b) made a concerted effort to avoid your useless morning chit-chat.

The only reason I was still in the kitchen when you woke up is because I broke two glasses inches from my bare feet this morning and cleaned them up while my coffee brewed, not because I was hoping you'd be able to pepper me with 50 questions before 8 am. I love the morning, because it gives me a chance to be alone, which is the opposite of you raping my ears with inane questions about the weather, and whatever else pops into your head.

I have a routine in the morning, I get up, go to the washroom, prepare my coffee/lunch for the day, and then retreat into my room only to emerge an hour or two later to catch the bus. If I happen to run into one of my many roommates, we exchange a brief "hey" or a nod, and leave it at that.

So you'll have to understand when you ask me about the weather, and I pause briefly before caustically replying that "I work in an effing climate-controlled environment, so it doesn't really matter does it?" it's just my way of not just whipping around and repeatedly punching you in the neck.

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