Friday, July 28, 2006

Yes, we are silently judging you

So it's official, I along with the rest of the 'Mean Girls clique' are quite possibly the bitchiest girls in the mall - and getting meaner as we speak.

I opened today with one of the other clique girls and we spent the first hour of work trashing one of the new hires (when we weren't ringing in mad sales that is). Then said new hire showed up for her shift at 11, and we didn't really stop trashing her, although we muffled our voices.

This was probably on the third shift that the new hire had worked and an hour into it, I'm almost certain that she was near tears. I had actually attempted to tone down my snarkiness, but I kind of lost it when one of the shoes we sell wasn't on display and I quietly hissed "We can't sell shoes if [the customers] can't see them!" as she walked past me - which is true, but probably could have been phrased nicely. I was simply annoyed because the previous day I had found 4 shoes that weren't restocked when we sold the display model.

Then I noticed this weird sickly, sweet smell in the back room. I didn't really say anything at first because it was just confined to that area, but a few minutes later I could still smell it and I had a mini lapse of judgement and just asked point-blank "What is that smell?" No one else knew what I was talking about, but I persisted. "It smells like melons!"

"Oh, that's me" said the new hire

"Oh..." came my delayed response

"Does it bother you?" she asked quietly

"Yeah, it makes me sick. I feel like I'm going to throw up!" I said, quickly adding that I was allergic to melons and even the smell makes me want to retch. I may or may not have seen tears begin to well up, but there were customers who needed to cash out, so I left her to her own devices in the back of the store.

I was literally seconds away from asking her to never wear that scent to work again but I really don't think that it will be a problem. She spent the rest of her shift avoiding my gazes and staying out of my way.

We'll see if she comes back to work. Her heinous laugh has gotten on the nerves of pretty much every other employee at the store - it's been likened to that of a wild animal, it's very jackal/hyena-like. It's really no big loss if she doesn't come back, so long as she doesn't state me as the reason for her quitting...

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