Saturday, July 29, 2006

Girls Night Out In

The Christitute (to KR [When keeping it real goes wrong] who was going on about how The Roadtrip Queen's co-worker probably wasn't getting any action): I'm going to hit you in the coochie with a stiletto if you dont close your legs...And that will be the most action youve gotten in weeks!

This was supposed to be a big weekend for partying, we made all these grandiose plans to go out and get crunk for Ah-bby's birthday...and then I lost my debit card sometime over the course of the week. I noticed it on Friday because I'd been using cash all week long, and by then it was too late. My spending money bank of choice isn't open on weekends, ever.

Sweet! The goes my weekend. the Christitute and I stayed in on Friday night because we both had to open at work the next day, and we amused ourselves by watching some L Word, and then Chase joined us and we had a spirited discussion while hardcore lesbian groping action played out in the background.

I worked all day Saturday and then planned on spending Saturday night at home alone because TC was gonig to go out with Ah-bby for her birthday, but that fell though and one of our sorority sisters called wanting to hit the town, so tentative plans were made with her instead.

TC busied herself by getting ready, I accompanied her and answered her incessant questions on outfit choice. She offered to pay for me to go out with them, I took her up on that offer. KR eventually showed up quite drunk, she'd been drinking since 4, and regaled us with tales of her summerlong seduction of The Good Christian (TGC), her new love interest who's saving it for marriage - the girl loves a challenge. There may or may not have been a bet involved.

It quickly became apparent to both myself and TC that we were no longer really in the mood to party, but KR was still raring to go, but the alcohol was wearing off and being replaced by sleepiness. She kept harrassing us to go out, we kept telling her to wait, because we really never go out before midnight. The Roadtrip Queen came home and joined us, and we started figuring out who's gonig to move into who's room come September. The random innapropriate outbursts from KR subsided completely and we realized that she was asleep and we comtemplated telling her that we had, in fact, gone out, but she'd fallen asleep, so she missed out.

KR eventually came to and went home somewhat dejected, and we went to bed. Which brings us to Sunday, and the house clean up, yay!

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