Monday, July 24, 2006

Putting the hostile in work environment since 2006

...because apparently I'm my own worst enemy.I've said it before, and I'll say it again, no one finds my jokes nearly as funny as I do.

I'm a pro at snide witticisms, tongue lashings and sharp comebacks. I sometimes forget that people (like my boss or my roommate, The Christitute) tend to take offense when it hits a little close to home or when it seems a little too pointed, and for that I'm sorry.

Two days ago at work, my boss told me I couldn't go on break until 5, which I had forgotten because we had 6 people working almost all day, and I indifferently proclaimed 'whatevs', which for the record, is my standard response to pretty much everything - and has been since Grade 11. She in turn, took this to mean that I was being rude, and I tried to explain myself by making what in my mind were hilarious jokes, but in her mind was backtalking and further proof that I actually hate her, when in truth, I just don't care.

Shortly after, TC and Ah-bby came by because I'm assuming they'd been shopping and as they were leaving I made a somewhat tasteless joke at TC's expense, which I didn't really realize she was mad about until this evening in the kitchen when I was rambling on about something and out of the blue she says 'You know I'm mad at you right?'

Instant conversation halter. 'Uh, what? Why?' I'm stupefied, and slightly (ok, a lot) self-absorbed.

'That comment you made as I was leaving...'

'Ah, gotcha. Not funny, huh?'

'Maybe if it was just our friends, but those girls at [your] work don't know me...'

'No one heard it'

'Uh, they were giggling!'


'Apology accepted'

Yet another example of how far down Gingerbread's foot is embedded in her mouth.

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