Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cooking with you - or I don't like you in that way part 2

The background story

Turns out skater guy from yesterday is also a vegan. I had pretty much been avoiding him since our awkward skate park chat yesterday

Skater Guy: So do you cook?
Gingerbread: (taken aback because this is totally out of the blue) Uh, yeah
Skater Guy: Cool, we should get together sometime and make some sweet vegan and vegetarian dishes
Gingerbread: (cringing) Yeah, that sounds like fun (Interior monologue - please don't look up my number in the work directory)

I also had to work cash/coat checkat my other job last night - coat check isn't exactly operation in the throes of summer, but whatevs. The show was mildly entertaining, but I always feel bad for artists when they get a poor turnout. Of course actually advertising for your show does wonders to the actual number of people who show up, but I digress. There was a ton of other stuff going on in Edmonton this weekend, including, but not limited to The Capital Exhibition and The Grand Prix, so loyalties were divided.

Last night at the bar pretty much cemented my decision to only take one shift a week next school year, because I've worked there for awhile (it'll be 3 years mid-August) and I'm getting kinda sick of dealing with douchebags and asshats all night long.

Ex. 1 (this is only an excerpt as this conversation about his aversion to stamps went on for at least 5 minutes):
Gingerbread: Sir, I just need to stamp you so that they know that you've paid/been checked off the guest list
Older Guy: Eh, I don't like stamps
Gingerbread: It washes off
Older Guy: I just don't believe in them
Gingerbread: Well, you'll just have to deal with it because it's our policy
Older Guy: (whining) But I'm not planning on leaving...
Gingerbread: Whatever, you don't have to be a baby about this. Go!

Ex. 2:
Gingerbread: Yeah, so it's $8 cover
College Guy: (in a huffy tone) I'm not paying $8. I'm [other server]'s brother. I'm just gettting a beer and leaving
Gingerbread: Alright (stunned, I've met you once - a year ago, a you expect me to remember that?)
College Guy: (Sighs and walks around the corner)

At least he apologized for being rude on his way out. I don't care about letting people in if you know them, just give me the heads up, you know?

I just think I should cut back on my hours at the bar before I actually start hating it. We're not exactly breaking up, just taking a break just to see what else is out there...

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