Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Apple Store - Edmonton

I went to the [new] Apple store in WEM yesterday because I was in search of a firewire cable. The store looked kind of unfinished and while everything was in the right place, it still looked a little bit off. Everyone that was working there still seemed a little hesitant and overwhelmed and I wasn't the only one that had to aggressively hunt down an employee in a bright blue shirt.

The dude at the end of the genius bar looked like he was going to throttle someone, and I didn't even want to pose a question but I was pressed for time and I had to. He was surprisingly helpful, but not terirbly friendly.

I know the store is busy, and filled with time-wasting gawkers, but you work Apple, and people expect a certain level of exuberance and customer service. It's only a week or so in, and if you're not feeling it, you should find another job. I'll probably still buy most of my Apple products from the online store.
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