Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Coffee Jitters

My daily cocktail of allergy meds and coffee (x2) before 9 am seems to be adversely affecting my health, but it's either that or not being able to breathe all summer so I'll take the jittery highs, and the subsequent narcoleptic lows for now.

I felt really parched when I woke up so I drank about a litre of water on top of my two cups of coffee and I have to pee every.5.seconds - awesome.

I'm updating my muxtape instead of getting ready for work, because I enjoy procrastination like that.


Anonymous said...

i FUCKING HATE coffee/med jitters.
i hope you find something that will help, bebe.

some girl said...

I like my Starbuck's and Provigil cocktail every morning, thanks. Of course, I don't have sniffles...but damn sure I am awake. Woot.