Monday, May 05, 2008

Sunday Hangovers: Not all they're cracked up to be

Against my better judgement, I went out on Saturday night. I was on the tail end of a gold star week of actually either going to the gym or doing yoga every day so in theory I deserved it, but I was also ridiculously tired and should have just used the occasion to get myself to bed at a half-way decent hour.

I was watching Batman, the one with Jack Nicholson as The Joker, after doing yoga and fixing myself a rather tepid dinner that consisted primarily of rice (I really like rice). I called the girls to see what was up, and contemplated just staying in and eating ice cream on the couch in my yoga attire.

I finally mustered enough energy to pry myself off the couch for two seconds and cracked the first of what would eventually be many beers.

I headed out the door with a couple of cans of Coors Light for the road and headed to the bar to meet up with friends. At least I had the sense to conceal said contraband before getting to the bar, because mandatory bag checks were in effect.

There were a lot more people there than I expected, all at different stages of intoxication. I ran into a couple of girlswe used to work with, and had inane conversations about lord knows what.

We weren't ready to leave but certain people were tired (read: hungry) and we stopped at a donair shop down the ave for food. The line there was ridiculous, but we waited because they have the best veggie burgers. I didn't even end up getting anything because I wasn't hungry - I'd eaten just before I left.What I really wanted was to drink more. The cab splitting is where the night went a bit wonky. Somehow, The Pansy was convinced that I should share a cab with our friends that were headed to the north side of the city - even though we both live just blocks from each other downtown.

The ran across the street and got into a cab and waved as we looked on in shock, and I texted her explaining her faulty logic. At thois point we made the best decision of the night, and went back to the bar - closing it down, and regrouping with our friends that we'd left there earlier on in the evening.

We spent another hour and a half just walking around the ave in a drunken stupor going to about three or four different eateries because we were all craving different things.

We ended up back at our home away from home when we're partying on the ave and certain members of our group proceeded to inexplicably start making out in the lobby of the building.

I sleptfor about three hours and then go up to go home before work. I ended up being at work for almost ten hours since we had a staff meeting, and I basically wanted to crawl under a bench and sleep for the majority of my shift.

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