Friday, May 02, 2008

Have laptop, will travel

I've been at work for the past 2 hours because someone had to let the contractors in. It's not as bad as it seems in retrospect because I get 2 hours of complete and absolute silence, save for the buzzing of the computer monitor to my right, and the constant white-noise like hum of the air-conditioning/heating unit.

I've been pretty productive, entering data into spreadsheets/blogging over coffee from Starbucks and breakfast.

I wasted most of yesterday in bed with a crippling migraine after my stunted shopping extravaganza. I was only able to actually get out of bed without wanting to hurl around 8, at which point I made plansto go to the gym. There was someone in the gym when I went down to workout, and since the gym in my building is so small, I just went back upstairs and did yoga for an hour while my dinner did it's thing in the oven.

I just realised that I forgot to take my allergy pills this morning, hence the feeling of a calm before the storm. Hopefully I'll get over the crazy mood-swings/heart palpitations/random hot flashes that they bring on soon. I don't really get where these side effects are coming from because I've taken the same pills for years now, but I just recently refilled my scrip so I've got 2 more months of this before I can switch to something else.

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