Friday, April 25, 2008

Slow and Steady

It's day three of unexplained stomach pain. I haven't had coffee yet, as my roommate is up and about at a rather ungodly, and unprecedented hour today.

What is the deal?

I stopped taking my allergy pills for two days, I forgot on Wednesday, and I got up too late on Thursday and I didn't really want to have a heart attack on the treadmill when I went to the gym after they kicked in (it feels like I'm on speed when I take them - it's really awesome, but at least I can breathe right?)

I need to go shopping on my break today because I don't have anything that I want to wear, but for now I should just concern myself with getting dressed since I have to leave in half an hour.


stephanie said...

I had stomach pain all week. I think it came from my food. I'm just on coffee now, about 7 days later. It sucks, that stomach pain.

Rae said...

Try a hot water bottle, 24/7. I mean, it won't solve your problems, but it does make it feel more comfortable!