Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Hills: A New Roommate

  • Now that Gossip Girl is back, I'm kinda bored with The Hills
  • Why is Lauren adopting Whitney's weird way of pronouncing 'ng' sounds? It's along with, not alonk with
  • Audrina is so obviously a third wheel in the LC-Lo dynamic - she looks like she's finally clueing in though
  • Her closet was a total shit show was it now? Woman, you barely have a job, you need to fix that
  • The Heidi-Lauren pseudo drama at the bar isn't even believable at this point. You're not five Heidi, if you want to talk to to Audrina, just do it
  • Way to stir up trouble with the whole bringing up of JB being at the same bar (coincidentally, of course)
  • Lauren needs to stop being a baby, enough is enough. Either deal with the the fact that sometimes your friends have friends that you don't like, or have more to drink so you don't ruin the night for everyone
  • I think Heidi needs to take Lauren aside and make her understadn that she's still trying to figure stuff out but to just chillax
  • Quelle surprise that Lauren is freaked out at the possiblity that someone else's world doesn't stop revolving the moment she's no longer in the picture
  • Justin Bobby is almost unrecognizable, both in body and mind
  • "I know you want to vent about this, but I really have no sympathy [for you]" Spencer to Heidi on the Goa freezeout
  • Heidi, expecting Lauren to be the bigger person is an exercise in futility
  • P.s. Your ass is eating those white shorts you're sporting
  • Lo, you are like someone's boring judgmental mom, and for the love of Christ, please slap some makeup on
  • That was a really awkward moment at lunch when Lo dropped the "oh, ps, we're getting a house, but you can totally come' bombshell on Audrina

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Fabulously Broke said...

You know what.. I tried watching The Hills but I just HATED IT

Gossip Girl is more my style...