Thursday, March 20, 2008


I had roughly twenty minutes to kill after work because the other shop was assembling something for a customer who swung by just before closing so I headed to Starbucks and Chapters for a beverage and some fresh reading material respectively.

I paid for my tall chai frap (after all that talk about starbucks at work, I had been craving one) and made my way over to the books. I quickly scanned the magazine section and picked up the latest issue of Teen Vogue and did a time-check - no time to peruse the books if I wanted to catch my bus.

Some little kid was fumbling around in his pocket for change so it took a while to get through the line. My turn and I give her my debit card, not approved, not insufficient funds just not approved. I figure I just need to transfer money but I've got more than enough to complete the transaction.

I make her try twice more to the same result, I don't even have any other cards with me since I left them at the store. At this point I shake my head and leave the mag behind, I have about 10 minutes to lock up and travel to the far reaches of the mall.

My bus was leaving as I arrived, but I just took the one that went down Jasper instead because I needed groceries, though I couldn't remember exactly what other than coffee filters.

Strangely enough I had no problems using my debit card there, though in my rush I forgot to pick up the most important item on my mental list - toilet paper.

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