Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Boots Don't Make Me Invincible

Even if they do look rather superhero-esque...

I'm too tired to feel this jittery but I don't get to call the shots. I'm still technically without internet, because my phone's tiny keypad does not count. The coffee is gross today, too much equal - noted.

On the bright side, I bought two new pairs of shoes yesterday, although the loafers are identical to a pair I already own, just in black suede instead of white leather.

I bought the loafers because I wore my boots yesterday and they did a number on my ankle and had me begging for mercy by 7:30 pm, and the flats I bought just cause.


stephanie said...

There is a fine line between Equal and coffee.

Heather said...

i need SHOES.

i love boots, but i hate what
they do to my feet.