Monday, March 10, 2008

Booze & Cigarettes

As per my usual morning routine, I've been up since the crack of dawn, going for a run and a bit of ellipticizing with a couple of weights thrown in for good measure. It took everything out of me, since Thursday was the last time I'd set foot in a gym.

I felt like all the Indian food I'd had last night (which didn't make me feel as sick as it normally does) was still sitting in my stomach just challenging me to push myself a little bit harder, I gagged but nothing came up.

I was crunched for time since I had to get back to my apartment to wait for the electricians, so I didn't get too crazy but I definitely felt the effects of a weekend filled with booze and cigarettes.

My room was beyond messy so I did a bit of cleaning before I hopped in the shower, even going so far as to vacuum the dinigh room, the front hall my room and do a quick sweep of my bathroom. There's nothing I hate more than looking like a slob to complete strangers.

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