Friday, January 18, 2008

Trips, and Not Just of the Shopping Variety

Yesterday's plan to forgo shopping for something a tad more constructive, and a bit less costly fell through and I ended up adding another necklace (when did I start wearing necklaces again?), a wristlet (which I'd had my eye on for a while), and mascara (which I actually needed). I spied a sweet pair of bronze shoes, but I left them behind for another day because I know they almost never sell out of my size at Holt's.

I tottered home, shocking pink bag in hand, and went to the gym for a run because the treadmill is finally fixed. I had planned on doing yoga one I got back but my roommate was still puttering around and eating breakfast so I hopped in the shower instead.

I had other plans for the day, but they fell through for the most part, and I didn't really mind because it allowed me to plan out the itinerary for my upcoming trip to Vancouver (and by upcoming I mean more than 2 months away but I'm going to a show while I'm there, so I'm pretty amped).

I rounded out my perfectly lackadaisical day by going grocery shopping for breakfast foods (ie. coffee and coffeemate) and watching reruns of CSI.

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cube said...

There's nothing wrong with a lackadaisical day now & then. And one could do way worse than CSI reruns on TV (Vegas, even better)