Thursday, January 17, 2008

Impulse Purchases

I decided against getting that leather jacket (at least for now) since I can't really see myself wearing it all that much and because I'm already planning on buying another jacket in a matter of days.

What started out as a simple search for running shoes ended with me paying for a shoes (the only real necessity on this list), a couple of shirts (I need more shirts like I need a hole in the head), a gold necklace (wtf?), a purse (at least this one is a gift), headphones (which I admitted today I'd love to own but would probably never use) and a hat (because I never wear hats and I need to round out my collection of useless items in my room that collect dust), another yoga dvd (because the one I bought earlier this week kinda sucks) and another snowboarding magazine (as December's issue of Nylon remains at the bottom of my purse, largely untouched).

I was planning on going shopping tomorrow but the only thing I really need now is groceries and a good workout, and mascara but setting foot near a makeup counter is usually something I like to do when I look somewhat presentable...


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I did this recently and actually, no , I do this ALL the time....I shouldn't be allowed to go out with money in hand. I get confused and thing I need things, when I don't, I'm just bored.
And buying make-up when you aren't wearing make-up is a salesperson's dream.

Anonymous said...

your impulsive shopping is me, to a tee. i love it!
sounds like you made some good purchases! :]

stickpaste said...

when i was a kid i really wanted a bomber jacket. if that helps any.

my dad ended up getting me a really tacky leather with all of these colorful patches on it from this mexican guy who had a coat store that had a fur-lined thong in the window. good times.