Thursday, January 10, 2008

Saved Time

As in I could have saved myself the time by not going to the gym because the treadmill in my building is being repaired, leaving me with three options for cardio: the elliptical, aka. my nemesis, the bike, which I don't really find all that challenging, and a run outside, the elements and I do not get along - in the end I chose the bike, only to have my workout interrupted by various visitors.

I was up at an ungodly hour this morning since I was roused from my slumber by an unimportant phone call so I did yoga before breakfast then hit the gym. I had an early appointment with my bank, we're still trying to figure out why my credit card still isn't working (at first I thought it was just maxed out but further investigation concludes that my balance is not even half-way to my limit so I'm stumped). Long story short, the bank rep assures my that the situation will be rectified by Monday at the very latest and that soon enough I'll be able to go back to spending money like it's going out of style.

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guestofaguest said...

It must be a terrible feeling not being able to rack up personal debt. Hopefully your card gets sorted out soon!