Monday, December 10, 2007

The Line Tamer

Dear Chapters/Indigo Books,

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of shopping at one of your retail locations, only to be confronted with a line that was, no joke, 30 people deep. Would you like to wager a guess as to how many of the 8 or more wickets were staffed?

Yeah, 4 of them, with a line of thirty or so people, nice.

Christmas is still 2 weeks away so one can only assume that the crowds will get bigger, and more ornery, as the date approaches, so I would suggest either hiring more people or staffing more cashiers.

P.S. I was beyond chapped to have to listen to the spiel of the line coordinator/XM Satellite Radio promoter during my ordeal. That's a clever idea you had, by the way, to try and market that non-essential service to me, instead of throwing that extra body on till - ensuring an active boycott of XM Satellite Radio in the process...


A disgruntled customer

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