Monday, December 31, 2007

December: A Month in Review

1. If you're trying to get on my last nerve, you're doing a fine job.

2. A new computer might be on the horizon

3. I got new running tights, and it might be a little early to state this, but they've changed my life

4. Salmon and sushi, my new faves

5. I got the black ones, now comes the fun part - waiting

6. I never thought I'd really say this, but I'm a bit yoga-obsessed

7. I found those Lacoste boots I wanted last month in a colour I didn't even know existed. Somehow I like those more - now I just have to stomach the cost of paying retail for them, boo.

8. I really don't care and I hope you die = what I'd like to say to those difficult customers this holiday season

9. Juno, kind of a letdown (soft penis)

10. Summing up my feelings about holiday shopping and Wal-Mart every day of the year

11. My snowboard boots are here, I ended up going with the ones I like but in a not-so-desirable colour.

12. Does it make sense that yoga hurts my knees way worse than running ever could?

13. Done and done - Christmas Shopping 2K7

14. The holiday season draws to a close, and not a moment too soon

15. Your perceived lack of interest in me makes it a lot easier for me to hate you, so I guess I owe you a thanks.

16. Crab meat is not a legitimate late-night snack unless you want to be plagued by night sweats and nightmares

17. Yoga is kicking the shit out of my body such that the first thing I want to do when I roll out of bed now is put on some Ben-Gay instead of a pot of coffee

18. The only upside to this situation is that at least I don't feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to fall anymore...

Quotables aka. Overheard and Overshared

You can't just invite me out last minute, I look gross.
I honestly didn't know you cared this much.
I just hate it when girls go to the bar looking like shit. It would be if I invited you to my parent's wedding, as you are. You'd be like 'Um, I'm not going to a wedding looking like this, I'll feel out of place' and then I'd just be all 'No it's fine, they won't care' and you'd say 'They might not, but I do'
It's like that.

Me = Late (texted to me early in the morning)

I'm sure there are worse parents out there, but by now their children have already died from their injuries...

I still have to try my almond milk.
Rice Dream?
Uh, no. It's made of almonds, hence the name 'almond milk'
I dunno, I just thought it was rice milk that tasted like almonds.
Why would anyone pay to drink rice milk that tastes like almonds that is supposed to taste like milk?

Are you sure she sings that song - she weighs like 400 pounds
Is she the one who wears mumus?
No, I'm pretty sure those are just dresses...

Seriously, that was the best weed I've ever had. Winnipeg is hands down the best place to get good weed - you don't even know!
Actually, I do know, I used to live there...

I think there's something leaking on my foot! It's not funny, stop laughing
The combined value of our shoes is probably close to a thousand dollars.
Not mine, they were $10 on sale.
Whatever, you get the point.

I really should go home and go to the gym or do yoga or something but I'll probably just end up going home, put on my running tights and sit on the couch eating ice cream.

Do these come in a bigger size?
No, that's the last pair.
Hmm. It could just be that I haven't cut my toenails in awhile...

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FnC said...

Hahaha - priceless, my wife has her own space-time dimension that she operates in. . . M = LATE, but the funniest part is how annoyed she gets by BEING late, every damn day.