Tuesday, October 23, 2007

You Can Take the Girl Out of the Ghetto

...but that still doesn't mean you're immune from crime. I popped into the gym for a run and some free weights only to find the TV missing in action. Not a huge deal since I don't work out with the TV on, but odd nonetheless. 45 minutes and three phone calls later, my workout is once again interrupted, this time by the arrival of D (from the management company) with the cops.

It seems the mysterious disappearance has more to do with foul-play and less to do with renovations.

The sad thing is, that everyone who lives in my condo could easily afford to buy a new TV if necessary, so I just don't get it...


stephanie said...

I used to work out at my friend's apartment complex gym. I must say, the TVs in there were way nicer than mine.

Valley Girl said...

God that so sounds like where I live.