Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mixed Results

I had all these grandiose plans for my day off but none of them really came to fruition. I really wanted to go shopping but above all, I needed to actually go through with the whole working out thing, so I dragged myself out of bed at a quarter past nine and lumbered into the kitchen to grab a glass of water before making my way downstairs.

The treadmill wasn't turned on so it took me a while to figure out why it wasn't working and I put on The sounds. I started jogging 10 minutes into it I felt like I'd been walking the whole time so I upped the ante and picked up the pace. Around the 25-minute mark, my knees started to hurt and at 35 mintues, I'd broken into a good sweat so I called it a day.

I made my way upstairs again and realized that If I hurried, would have just enough time to clean myself up a bit and catch a bus to the City Centre Mall. I was looking for a new toilet brush, I just left my old one at my old place because it's kinda gross and I'd prefer to just buy an new one, but no dice - the only ones I found were totally heinous.

I ended up buying jeans on a whim because I needed another pair of black (charcoal really, so it's justifiable) skinnies. On a whim I passed Holt's on the way home and decided to pop in to buy more perfume despite the fact that I looked like hot ass, but it was worth it because I ended up running into a friend as a result (I had completely forgotten that she worked in Manulife Place).

I was tired (being out of bed for more than 3 hours on my day off really takes it out of me apparently) and took the bus home, downloaded last night's episode of Gossip Girl, and watched B&B and Days, only venturing out afterwards to pick up some lunch. I just didn't really have it in me to shop on foot. I perused online, but couldn't commit. I might have to pick up some shoes tomorrow to compensate.


Anonymous said...

ahh, sounds like a wonderfully awesome day off! :]

do you use itunes to download?
just curious!

Ros said...

35 minutes is more than I've been doing lately. kudos to you!

team gingerbread said...

@heather - no, only because my computer is so old that I have no room on my hard drive so it jsut doesn't make sense to pay for something that I'm just going to have to get rid of right after watching it...

ros - yeah, I've never been much of a runner so it came as a surprise to me too

Valley Girl said...

Oh, well. You get points for trying, though. =)