Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Drama on the Rocks

I really wanted to go out on Friday, maybe because I live across the street from a bar, albeit a shitty one, and I can always hear the revelers late into the night, or maybe it's because the last couple of time's we've gone out it's been a total bust. Either way, I had planned on getting sloshed.

Nothing ever seems to work out as planned though, and it really didn't seem like anyone wanted to go out anymore, but I cajoled and cajoled because this is what I wanted and at the time it seemed really important. Shortly after our arrival words were exchanged and alcohol took over, resulting at least half of the group dispersing. I didn't really want to be made to feel guilty about wanting to stay, but it put a damper on my night.


Valley Girl said...

What happened?

shirley said...

eww, I hate when people ruin a perfectly good night. :(