Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Inpulse Control and The Queen of Spin

The season premiere of the Hills was a tad disappointing - though next week's episode does look promising. I expected more drama and more fireworks. Is it just me or does this season seem a bit more scripted? And what is the deal with that awkward girl who works with Audrina who seems to have trouble remembering to not stare directly into the camera?

I had the day off and I can't say that I used it productively, though I did manage to shower and write a rushed letter of recommendation for someone I've never had the pleasure of meeting (just call me charitable). I spent most of the day on the phone with The Engineer, until the phone died, and then with some of the girls from res who are in town for the next couple of days trying to figure out housing for next year. We're going out to dinner though we can't decide on a place just yet so it seems likely that we'll end up somewhere where none of us want to eat to appease the masses.

Indecision is keeping me from getting a new phone for now, but in the mean time I dropped $300 on t-shirts(?) in less than five minutes to satiate my appetite for stuff I don't really need.

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