Friday, August 17, 2007

Body Language

I feel like a total dirtbag for supporting the Heidi Montag-Spencer Pratt trainwreck, but I kinda love her 'leaked' track Body Language. It's nothing terribly ground-breaking, but it's exactly what you'd expect music from a pseudo-socialite to sound like.

It's funny that at the end of the track the radio personalities ask if she's the new Britney, but I'd say she's more the new Lindsay Lohan in the sense that she's more well known for her television (film in Lindsay's case) persona and will go on to release a semi-successful cd whose sales will be bolstered from name recognition more than actual talent.

Side note: Lindsay Lohan's music is a guilty pleasure of mine. Also amusing: that the radio host assumes that this song will be the soundtrack to your bar star table dance in the upcoming months.

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Anonymous said...

lots of new memes, i see, below!
love ittt :]
i shall have a meme entry and catch up with all of them since i am boring and don't have shit to write about.

oh, and lindsay lohan's music is my guilty pleasure too :] he he he.

hope you enjoyed some of your weekend girlie!